Best Ever Plum Syrup

Kate Punshon - Friday, February 01, 2019

This easy plum syrup with its intense flavor and colour will disappear before your eyes becoming a family favourite in no time. Be prepared to make extra bottles to feed the families obsession with this healthy fruit sensation. Use as a topping and pour liberally over ice-cream, yogurt, waffles and pancakes. Make old fashioned milk shakes or a luscious vitamin packed plum smoothie. Mix it in with fresh seasonal fruits, add to pie and custard bases or churn it into a plum ice-cream or gelato. Versatile, bursting with goodness and so so simple to make. It will become a pantry staple in no time. 



Warm sterilised sealable glass jars and lids


1.5kg freshly picked ripe dark plums; approximately 25 medium plums

375g sugar


  1. Gently wash plums to remove the silvery grey natural glaucous covering from home grown plums.
  2. Dry to remove excess moisture and remove any bruised fruit.
  3. Cut plums in half and remove and discard the stone.
  4. Use a juice extractor to juice the plums. This process will also remove the skin.
  5. Measure the pure plum juice. 25 medium ripe plums will yield approximately 1 litre of concentrated juice. The amount of juice will depend on the ripeness and water content of the plums. 
  6. Place juice in a stainless-steel preserving pan and add the sugar. Simmer gently, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Cook at a higher simmer point but not a rolling boil for approximately 10 minutes or until the juice has thickened to a glossy syrup. 
  7. Using a metal spoon or ladle remove scum occasionally, if it forms while cooking. 
  8. Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly.
  9. Using a funnel pour into warm dry sterilised screw top sealable jars or bottles depending upon your preference. Fill to approximately 2 - 2.5cm (1inch) from the top and seal. 
  10. Allow to cool, label and store in the fridge and use within 2 weeks. 
  11. For longer term pantry storage, preserve using the heat processing method or preserve using a Fowlers Vaccola. Label and store on a cool dark place in the kitchen or pantry. Once opened, due to the low sugar content, store in the fridge. 


  1. Have sterilised jars or bottles and lids prepared beforehand. Lids can be boiled in clean water for 10 minutes and allowed to air dry. 
  2. Choose clean ripe fruit. Do not use overripe and never use mouldy fruit as this will produce a poor-quality syrup. 
  3. Prepare and process the juice as quickly as possible to prevent any oxidisation.
  4. White granulated sugar is used, however, honey, golden syrup, brown sugar or any other sugar alternative except artificial sweeteners can be used. As the sweetness will vary with the product, sweeten to taste. Artificial sweeteners should be added before being consumed and after the syrup has been processed.
  5. Do not use iron, copper or zinc utensils as this will affect the final colour and flavour.
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