Preserved Garlic: A mellow melange of deliciousness

Kate Punshon - Saturday, August 03, 2013

A garlic lovers delight and ever so simple. Transform ordinary garlic into a sweet, aromatic and creamy accompaniment that’s perfect served whole in salads, on  antipasto platters or spread directly onto baguettes or bruschetta as a base flavour. Native to the “garlic crescent “ of Central Asia, garlic has been transported and adopted into the folklore, medicine and cuisines of countries around the world. Due to its intense flavour, it is used predominately as a condiment rather than a bulk vegetable.

Quantity:                    4 x 200 gm jars
Preparation Time:      45 mins
Cooking Time:           45 mins


3 whole heads of fresh garlic
2 sprigs washed fresh thyme
2 sprigs washed rosemary
15 black peppercorns
10g course salt
Olive oil, enough to cover ingredients in the saucepan 


  1. Break up the garlic head and remove the thick outer skin of each garlic clove.
  2. Remove very small cloves and keep them for another recipe as they will overcook and become mushy during the coking process.
  3. Place all ingredients in a pan and cover with olive oil.
  4. Put on very low heat and leave to tremble (just under the simmer point) for approximately 45 minutes until the garlic is cooked through. Check regularly after 30 minutes as the cooking time will depend on the size of the cloves.
  5. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.
  6. Transfer the cloves, herbs and peppercorns into sterilised glass sealable jars.
  7. Cover with the cooled garlic oil and seal tightly.

Recipe notes

  1. Once the cloves have been used, keep the flavoured oil for cooking meat or for salad dressing.
  2. When removing the garlic cloves for use, use a clean spoon.
  3. Garlic has a low acid content and preserving uncooked garlic in oil can develop botulism, a life threatening toxin, which can lead led to food poisoning.
Kate commented on 24-Apr-2014 08:57 PM
Hi Mona, now that you have this fabulous staple pantry item, you will be able to experiment with it as a base ingredient in your favourite recipes. I find that its perfect crushed in salad dressing, whole in salads or spread on any bread item from pizza bases, focaccia's through to the ubiquitous toasted sandwich - Enjoy

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