Food is a common thread that binds us all. It sits at the heart of our cultures and shapes family life, relationships, traditions, and rituals.

It’s meaning, our foodscapes, provenance and farming system and the conversations that flow from its daily consumption from the ordinary through to the remarkable is celebrated in this collection of articles, interview’s, and stories.

The science of the kitchen provides a practical knowledge for those who want to know how food is transformed. 

  • Creative Food Fiction

What's For Dinner 2040

It’s another scorching summer day on the Fleurieu Peninsula,  yet I’m surrounded by a botanical oasis here at Jed Manningham’s ...

  • Creative Food Fiction

Strong & Sweet for Me

ANZAC’s in the Trenches: Jacks homeward bound letter, 30th April 1915. Written from somewhere on the front line of the Dardanelles ...

  • Interviews

Welcome to My World of Food

The shortest route from paddock to plate is when you grow food in your own garden. This podcast shares my top tips for creating  ...

  • Food Culture

Marmalade: A Transformative Journey

The development of marmalade from its early predecessors of the Ancient World to the bitter sweet English breakfast spread now ...

  • Creative Food Fiction

Stories from the Table for One

Dining alone with Madam Tattinger explores the power of reflection and imagination that can be found in the solitude of dining at a table ...

  • Food Science

Culinary Wizard: Heston Blumenthal

The news that Heston Blumenthal is bringing his Fat Duck Restaurant to Melbourne has stirred the imagination of many. For me this culinary ...